Confirmation CONNECTS

Confirmation is about confirming the gift of faith!  This is very, very important in a young person’s life.   It can also be fun!  Every month we "CONNECT" the mission field to Ronald McDonald House, Mt. Healthy House, Habitat for Humanity and even Scallywags!youthRonaldMacHouse
How does JESUS Do Confirmation?

  • late night prayers
  • overturning tables
  • fieldtrips up the mountain
  • learning to walk on water
  • questions, parables and riddles
  • feeding the hungry…

(This is how HOPE does Confirmation with GLORIA DEI LUTHERAN CHURCH…)

Some years our confirmation happens to be all boys (but girls are in confirmation too!)
Confirmation is done with youth and their families:
1st / 3rd / 5th Sundays after church (6 pm with Pizza included)
Confirmation Classes are always open and offered to all youth who are in middle school. For a complete description of the program, please email call the church office at 513-923-3370.

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