Anchor of Hope Award

Every fall we honor an outstanding community volunteer—not a member of Hope—with the Anchor of anchorHope Award. The congregation submits nominations and the evangelism committee makes the final selection. We would like to have a wide choice of nominees this year. As you think about the people you know and hear about who truly make a difference in people’s lives, make a note of it and be ready to make your recommendation by submitting the name of your nominee along with the address, email, phone number, and a 50 - 100 word description explaining why you are nominating this person. The nomination deadline is first Sunday in August.


The most recent Anchor of Hope Award Winner: Greg Davis, who is responsible for organizing and leading the Upward basketball program at Monfort Heights United Methodist Church.  Under his leadership, the program has grown from 13 participants to 248 participants during its 13 years of existence.

3greg davis 2014

Greg Davis receiving the Anchor of Hope Award for Upward Basketball Program

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